What to Expect During the Dental Bridge Procedure in Cypress, TX

Missing teeth cause other teeth to move out of position, which is more serious than just a cosmetic problem. This may cause greater strain when biting, more discomfort while chewing, or even speech impairment. By filling in gaps with a false tooth that is secured in place by the natural teeth, an implant(s), or a mix of both, a dental bridge enhances the appearance and health of the mouth.

Dental bridges act as a “bridge” between natural teeth or dental implants to substitute several missing teeth in a row. Bridges are typically made of ceramic or porcelain to mirror the color of the natural teeth. They are a long-term restorative option even though they are not anchored into the gums like natural teeth or dental implants are.

Process for Dental Bridges

The dentist will first conduct a consultation with you to determine whether dental bridges are the best option for the oral health and financial situation. If it isn’t the best choice, Céline Dental also offers dentures and dental implants, which we can discuss during the consultation.

The dentist will prepare the teeth and take impressions during the initial visit to construct a bridge that looks and feels natural. Sometimes you may receive an interim bridge before the completion of the permanent bridge.

The permanent bridge will be given to you on the second visit. To ensure the comfort after it is implanted, the dentist might make small adjustments to it. They will also give you maintenance instructions for the bridge. The bridge can last up to ten years with appropriate care!

Restoring a complete Smile

Restoring a Complete Smile

Modern dentistry provides efficient solutions for restoring a full, beautiful, and functional smile, even though the effects of missing teeth can jeopardize the dental health and general health.

It’s simpler than ever to replace missing teeth and get aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting results today due to advancements in dental materials, technology, and treatment methods.

Usually, fixed bridges are constructed over several visits. Preparation of the supporting teeth, impression-taking, placing of a temporary bridge, try-in, and cementation of the permanent restoration are all steps in the procedure.

A thorough diagnostic evaluation is the first step in creating an effective therapeutic strategy. Preparing the abutment (supporting) teeth for full-coverage crowns is the next step in the process for patients receiving a traditional fixed bridge. An impression of the permanent bridge may be taken during this visit or the one after, depending on the number of teeth involved and other factors. In either case, the prepared teeth will be covered with an interim bridge or temporary crowns to prevent further damage.


If you do not get therapy for a missing tooth or teeth, it could lead to complicated problems. Make an appointment with a member of our skilled dental team to learn more about personalized restorations and the various choices that can be tailored to the unique requirements. Céline Dental provides the best dental care in Cypress, Texas with the best services available.

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