Top 5 Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them

Dental crises happen more frequently than one might think. They sometimes happen when you least anticipate them and at unexpected times. Sometimes these emergencies can be so serious that there is no choice but to run to the dentist’s office, whether they are brought on by chewing on hard candy or falling while playing sports.

Different Types of Dental Emergencies and way of handling them

  1. Infected Tooth

Infected Tooth

An infection in a molar is possible even if no symptoms are present. Typically, toothaches are the first sign of illness. One of the worst signs of dental infection and the most typical form of dental emergency is a toothache. Pain is never a positive sign and can indicate several illnesses. While some toothaches can be treated at home without immediate medical attention, others need it.

  1. Fractured Tooth

Fractured Tooth

Teeth can suffer harm if they break or get chipped on any surface. Numerous factors can lead to fractured or chipped teeth. The most frequent ones include squeezing something too firmly, sports-related injuries, facial trauma, and untreated cavities that can make a tooth brittle and shatter. The smile is ruined, and it aches a lot as well.

If this occurs, rinse the tongue out with warm water. To stop bleeding and reduce pain, apply a piece of gauze to the area and apply a cold compress to the area of the face nearest to the injury. Now visit the dentist right away to have the problem rectified to prevent further harm.

  1. Severed Braces

While braces are constructed with metal wires and brackets to withstand pressure, they are still susceptible to breaking, sticking out, and other types of harm. Due to its durability, the material does not readily deteriorate from regular chewing, eating, or talking. However, if it is damaged, it may pierce the cheekbones and gums, leaving in excruciating pain. People can always try pushing the wire’s broken portion back if this occurs.

If that doesn’t work, place a cotton ball, piece of gauze, or orthodontic wax over the broken wire and get in touch with the orthodontist as soon as one can.

  1. Damaged Crown

Damaged Crown

Crowns and fillings help to restore the function and ideal look of previously damaged teeth. If you don’t get it treated right away when they crack, it could result in a common dental emergency like reinfection. Try putting a piece of sugar-free gum into the cavity while waiting for dental care, and place the filling in a ziplock bag to keep it safe. Avoid attempting to repair it yourself as doing so increases the risk of illness and discomfort.

  1. Dental Abscess

A tooth abscess is a fairly common dental problem. Particularly near a tooth root or in the area between the gums and teeth, these infections develop in the mouth. They may spread to adjacent gum tissues and, in the worst situation, the rest of the body if left untreated.

A sore, swollen area on the gums is one of the most typical signs of an abscess. Apply ice and rinse the mouth with a gentle solution for momentary comfort. Visit the doctor right away to stop the problem from getting worse.


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But until a person get to the doctor, you can use ice packs to manage the discomfort.

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