Root Canals In Cypress, TX

Dental caries is a progressive disease that slowly destroys your teeth down to their core. Before it reaches a severe stage, our dentists can help preserve your natural teeth with root canals in Cypress, TX. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Kirolls Ibrahim, uses modern diagnostic equipment and the latest techniques to minimize pain and discomfort. At Céline Dental, we also offer dental sedation options to help you feel more relaxed during treatment. If you have been experiencing painful symptoms associated with your teeth, book an appointment with us to get the best oral care solutions.

Root Canal

How Does Root Canal Treatment Work?

Root canal treatment is a common dental restorative procedure. It involves the removal of the infected pulp tissues from the canals of the tooth roots. The pulp is the innermost layer of teeth that contains sensory nerve endings and blood vessels. This is why inflammation of the pulp causes severely painful symptoms, which can be relieved by root canals.

Our Cypress, TX, dentists utilize the latest equipment and techniques to make root canals more comfortable. After removing the damaged pulp, we disinfect the canals thoroughly with saline solution. The canals are then sealed with a rubbery material known as gutta-percha. Finally, we place a dental crown or filling to seal the tooth and prevent further damage.

Signs That You May Need A Root Canal

The most common indication for root canal therapy is a severe toothache, but our Cypress, TX, team will decide the best treatment option after a complete evaluation. Toothache often varies in range and intensity, so we will perform a few diagnostic tests to assess the condition of your teeth. You may also experience extreme sensitivity in one or more teeth, which usually lingers even if the stimulus is removed.

Other common symptoms include increased tenderness, pain on chewing or biting, tooth discoloration, pus discharge, and swelling in the oral or facial region. In such instances, it is best to visit our facility and get emergency dental treatment. Delaying treatment may make it difficult to save your natural teeth.

Do Root Canals At Our Cypress, TX, Practice Hurt?

Despite being a widely performed procedure, many people still feel scared at the prospect of getting root canals. Our dental professionals understand your concerns and strive to make the experience comfortable for you. Typically we perform root canals in Cypress, TX, under local anesthesia. However, if a patient has dental anxiety, we also provide different options for dental sedation to help them relax.

Furthermore, our dentists use a gentle approach and prioritize your comfort at every step. If a root canal treatment has multiple appointments, we will give care instructions and prescribe medicines if needed for your ease. Once the treatment completes, you are free to enjoy your favorite meals without worrying about pain or discomfort!

Choose Céline Dental For a Painless Root Canal Treatment

Our dental practice offers a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dental services to reform your oral health. We give individual attention to each patient, ensuring their satisfaction throughout the treatment. If you are concerned about tooth damage, we can restore your teeth with painless root canals in Cypress, TX. Call us today at (281) 262-2332 to book an appointment.

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