Dentures In Cypress, TX

Dentures have been around for many decades as a convenient form of tooth replacement. At Celine Dental & Orthodontics, we provide customized dentures in Cypress, TX, that are designed to fit the individual requirements of our patients. Whether you have lost a few teeth or require full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Kirolls Ibrahim can provide the best type of restoration to suit your needs. Using high-quality materials, we fabricate dentures that restore oral functions and give a natural look to your smile. So if you are interested in artificial teeth replacement, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation with our qualified dental professionals.

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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances that replace a few or all missing teeth in the oral cavity. They have an acrylic or metal base that rests on the gum line and holds the set of artificial teeth. The artificial teeth are typically made of porcelain that resembles the appearance of your natural teeth.

At our Cypress, TX, dental practice, we design dentures that are unique to the oral requirements of our patients. The process is easy, safe, and more conservative than other tooth replacement options.

Different Types of Dentures In Cypress, TX

Our dental practice offers different types of dentures, depending on your oral needs. We will thoroughly examine your remaining teeth, gums, and jawbone to determine which type best meets your requirements.

Complete Dentures

When you have lost all your teeth in one or both jaws, our Cypress, TX, team can effectively replace them with complete dentures. In the earlier days, complete dentures were uncomfortable to wear, but with advancing technology, their quality and comfort level has improved. They have an acrylic base that rests on the gums and relies on the support of the underlying bone. Our dentists utilize the latest techniques to fabricate natural-looking prostheses that improve oral functions and enhance your smile’s appearance.

Partial Dentures

If you have lost a few or more teeth in your upper or lower arch, partial dentures may be the right choice for you. Partial dentures follow the same principle as complete ones, but they utilize additional support from the adjacent healthy teeth in the oral cavity. The acrylic base that holds the artificial teeth has metal clasps or hooks that loop around the supportive teeth. Due to this feature, partial dentures have better stability and retention. You can easily place them in your mouth and remove them for cleaning or maintenance.

Immediate or Temporary Dentures

If you have to undergo tooth extraction and require urgent replacement of the lost teeth, our Cypress, TX, dentists can provide that with immediate dentures. Soon after extraction, we will place the denture over the gums to maintain your smile aesthetics. In many cases, an immediate denture acts as a temporary appliance until a permanent restoration, like a bridge or dental implant, replaces it.

Process of Getting Dentures At Our Cypress, TX, Practice

The first step towards attaining a brand-new denture is to schedule a consultation with our dental experts. We will perform a comprehensive examination of your oral cavity to determine whether you will benefit from this treatment. If you are a good candidate for dentures in Cypress, TX, we will begin the process by recording impressions of your upper and lower jaw.

Our team will send these impressions to a dental lab along with certain specifications. The fabrication process may take 10 to 14 days. Once your denture is ready, we will call you in to test its fit. Our dentists will ensure that it rests comfortably in your mouth and aligns with your natural bite. We will perform the necessary adjustments until you are satisfied with its fit. Finally, we will polish it to give your denture a natural-looking shine.

What Are The Benefits of Dentures?

Despite the availability of many permanent restorations, many people still prefer removable tooth replacements for how convenient they are. Unlike other alternative options like bridges or dental implants, the procedure for dentures at our Cypress, TX, clinic is non-invasive and less time-consuming. They are a quick and easy solution for the replacement of multiple missing teeth. They restore many oral functions, allowing you to bite and chew more easily. Additionally, they also enhance your smile’s appearance and offer support to your facial muscles. You can easily take them off to clean or maintain them when not in use.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Dentures?

Dentures offer many advantages, but they also have certain drawbacks that may not make them a good long-term replacement option. A major issue with them is that they do not look as cosmetically appealing as fixed restorations. Because they are removable, they may lose their stability over time and become loose. As a result, you may face difficulty while eating or speaking. If you require a permanent solution for missing teeth, you may consider dental bridges or implants.

Schedule A Consultation With Us

If you are ready to improve your oral health and appearance with custom-fit dentures in Cypress, TX, visit our practice today. You can also contact our team at (281) 262-2332, if you have any questions regarding the procedure. We are happy to help!

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