Dental Sealants In Cypress, TX

Maintaining your oral health requires a long-term effort. You can keep your teeth healthy with regular brushing and flossing, but you also need preventive measures to avoid dental cavities. That’s why Celine Dental & Orthodontics provides dental sealants in Cypress, TX, as a part of preventive dental care to ensure that your teeth stay cavity-free for many years to come. We especially recommend sealants for children as their teeth are more prone to cavities. Dr. Kirolls Ibrahim and his team are experts in prophylactic dentistry, so you can trust that your child’s care is in experienced hands. Schedule a consultation at our dental office today.

Dental Sealants

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin, protective coatings that we apply on teeth to protect from tooth cavities. The biting surfaces of your posterior teeth, including premolars and molars, have deep pits and grooves that provide a safe space for oral bacteria to grow. This increases the risk of tooth decay.

To prevent its occurrence, our Cypress, TX dentists apply dental sealants on the biting surfaces to prevent harmful oral bacteria and plaque buildup. Sealants act as a protective shield for your teeth. They fill in the deep grooves and smooth out the tooth surface, making it easier to brush your teeth. Since they are tooth-colored, these materials do not impact the natural beauty of your smile.

Are Sealants Safe For My Child?

The answer is yes! It is safe to get sealants at a young age. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that children should get sealants as soon as their first permanent molars appear. Usually, the first molars erupt around the age of six years, so you can bring your child for a dental visit around that time to learn more about preventive dental care.

At our practice, we provide a calm and friendly environment to help children feel comfortable during their dental visits. Our Cypress, TX, team will examine their oral cavity to assess if they will benefit from dental sealants. The whole process is painless and finishes within 15 to 20 minutes.

What To Expect From The Process Of Dental Sealants In Cypress, TX?

The application of dental sealants is simple and does not require anesthesia. Before starting the process, we will examine your child’s oral cavity to check the overall health of their teeth and gums. We will begin by cleaning and drying the biting surfaces of their teeth.

Next, our dentist will apply an acidic gel to the chewing surfaces of teeth to make them rougher. After rinsing it, we will apply an adhesive that firmly bonds the sealant with the tooth surface. Our dentist will apply a thin, tooth-colored sealant material on the prepared areas and harden it with a curing light. It is still important to brush your teeth regularly after this process to prevent plaque buildup on other surfaces of your teeth.

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Dental sealants in Cypress, TX, are an effective way to prevent the risk of cavities from a young age. Book an appointment at our practice today by calling (281) 262-2332 to get the best preventive dental care.

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