Dental Crowns and Bridges: Why You Should Consider Them

Our teeth may undergo several changes from birth until adulthood. And these changes may necessitate the need for dental crowns and bridges. Dental crowns are usually used as fillings that protect weak teeth from breaking and cover stained or out-of-shape teeth. They also help improve the functional use of teeth as well as their appearance.

What are Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges?

Dental crowns cover the tooth surface to restore original shape and size. They preserve, protect, and strengthen tooth structures that cannot be restored with fillings or other restorations. Dental crowns can fill and protect a weak tooth from breaking, cover stained or out-of-shape teeth. They improve the functionality and appearance of teeth. They enhance your smile by presenting uniform and even teeth.

Dental bridges are fixed dental prostheses that fill or “bridge” the gap in the jawline created by missing teeth. They replace missing teeth in the uneven jawline. Dental bridges can be cemented to dental implants or original teeth on one side of the empty space. Dental bridges usually replace missing teeth.

Why Should You Consider Getting Either One for Your Dental Needs?

Why Should You Consider Getting Either One for Your Dental Needs

Tooth loss in adults: Natural teeth get damaged due to various health reasons, like breaking due to accidents and injuries. It is necessary to replace them depending on the severity of the loss. In case you are thinking about dental bridges or dental crowns, these points enlighten you further on the differences, functionalities, and best-use scenarios.

It may be helpful to get dental crowns or dental bridges to improve the use of your teeth and improve your smile. However, you can get dental crowns or dental bridges for any one or more of the following reasons or dental situations:

Broken or fractured teeth: It is common for teeth to break from falls, injuries, accidents, and other causes. You can consider these cosmetic dentistry measures to restore your teeth’s functions and retain your genuine smile.

Cosmetic enhancement: Everyone is concerned with their dental issues and their condition, especially in showbiz, public life, and other areas of concern. It makes perfect sense to enhance your teeth’s appearance with a glorious smile.

Decayed teeth: The loss of teeth due to decay makes dental crowns and bridges a sound dental routine to balance the loss. Dental bridges will fill the gaps while crowns present perfect concealments.

Fractured fillings: After some time, dental fillings can crack or fracture due to many reasons. It is practical to either use dental crowns or bridges, according to the nature of the damage.

Large fillings: Sometimes visible fillings can be an embarrassment whenever we smile or open our mouths. It’s possible to cover or hide them using dental crowns.

Root canal teeth: There is a need to preserve and keep your dental implants intact for as long as possible. With crowns, you can preserve some of these dental processes from fast depreciation.

Gaps in the mouth: Gaps cannot be hidden, especially with yawning or opening the mouth. They become readily apparent, and sometimes not pleasantly so. The dental bridges connect this unevenness in the jawline.

In the end, there are ample reasons to consider dental crowns and bridges.

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