Dermal Fillers In Cypress, TX

Is the passage of time engraving its mark on your face? Aging is inevitable, but here’s the good news: at Céline Dental, we have a solution to help you enhance your smile with the help of dermal fillers in Cypress, TX. Dr. Kirolls Ibrahim and his team are here to rejuvenate your appearance for a more beautiful you! Dermal fillers are a faster and low-cost alternative to a surgical facelift. Imagine a plump and more radiant face without the need for a lengthy recovery period. Yes, we can turn your dream into a reality. The results are par excellence, and you would be shocked to see how quickly your look transforms. So, what are you waiting for? Call us for an appointment today!

Dermal Fillers

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

Dermal fillers are a specialized solution that is injected inside the skin layer of your nose and mouth to smoothen out wrinkles, lines, and folds. They have the ability to restore your face’s natural cuts and volume, turning back the time. As time passes, it is common for facial skin to stretch a bit, which results in a loss of facial volume. The natural loss of hypodermic in that region, along with sun exposure, lifestyle, and heredity, greatly affects your appearance. These fillers help to regain the skin’s elasticity and restore fullness in the face. Our dentist may recommend dermal fillers in Cypress, TX if you want any of the following issues resolved.

  • Your thin lips need an oomph/plumping.
  • Improving the appearance of your sinking scars.
  • Enhancing your shallow facial shape.
  • Softening wrinkles and creases on your face.

The fillers we use contain a component known as hyaluronic acid. It is a naturally occurring hydrating substance that helps restore your skin’s elasticity, structure, and natural cuts. To ensure your comfort during the procedure, our experts use anesthetics so that you do not feel the needles piercing through. The best part? With just one treatment, you can enjoy the benefits for up to a year! Get in touch with us to learn more about dermal filler treatments in Cypress; contact our office today. Our staff is just a call away from revitalizing your appearance!

Dermal Filler Process In Cypress, TX

The procedure we follow for injecting a dermal filler in our Texas office usually takes around 30 to 40 minutes. We tailor the amount of filler used for your unique needs and the specific areas you wish to treat. Our experts use a very fine needle to administer the filler that reduces bruising. Fortunately, you will be able to see results almost immediately after treatment is done. Another added advantage is that this procedure is very safe and non-invasive; however, do expect mild swelling due to injection. However, these effects are temporary and pass with ease fairly quickly.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Our dental team at Céline Dental is ready to serve you a smile that stays perfect for life. So, we offer you dermal fillers in Cypress, TX, for a fuller, more youthful face. Call us at (281) 262-2332 to schedule an appointment.

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