Broken Tooth? Here’s What to Do Next

A broken tooth is painful, but prompt action and a trip to the dentist can repair cosmetic harm and help avoid long-term issues. Forceful impacts, such as those in sports or vehicle accidents, or dental problems like big cavities or lost fillings cause teeth to shatter. Regardless of the cause, a dental appointment is required either right away or as soon as it is practical, based on how badly the tooth is broken.

When a Tooth Breaks, What Happens?

Exposed dentin and pulp can result from a broken tooth, which can vary in severity from a chip in the exterior’s hard enamel to complete breakage of an area. Enamel loss may not be painful because tooth enamel lacks nerves and blood arteries. However, the tooth frequently aches when the dentin or pulp is exposed to the air. Bacteria can infect the exposed pulp, staining the remaining enamel, increasing pain, and increasing susceptibility to change of temperature. Whether the dentin or pulp is exposed or not, the injury that caused the tooth to break may have also caused discomfort.

Various Options for fixing Broken Tooth

Fixing Broken Tooth

The following are a few of the dentistry procedures for broken teeth:

  1. Crown

Crowns are effective at covering the completely damaged area. They offer a practical option for cracked teeth.  They restore the shape and appearance of the teeth and are thicker than veneers.  Typically, metal, porcelain, and clay are used to create crowns. Dentists believe it to be the most secure method of repairing or restoring damaged or rotted teeth.

  1. Veneers

Porcelain or composite resin is used to create the colored shells that are manufactured to order.  The most common cosmetic, restorative option for enhancing the mouth is veneers. Veneers are the best solution if you avoid smiling because of missing teeth. Dental procedures are intended to treat both dental and cosmetic problems.

  1. Implants in teeth

It is a lengthy process used to repair broken teeth, especially those that are close to the gum line.  The process for replacing an implant with a fractured tooth is simple.

  1. Cohesion

Bonding is frequently regarded as the least complex dental treatment for a damaged tooth. Dentists can correct and enhance the tooth’s look with a simple composite material chip. The composite molding is then presses by a blue light, which also fixes the teeth.

  1. Root surgery

The infectious pulp may develop in the empty area left by a broken or cracked tooth.  In such a case, dentists advise root canal therapy to repair broken teeth.  To stop the infection from expanding, they first remove the infection before setting it in a crown.

  1. Filling

One of the safest dental treatments used by dentists to repair broken teeth is fillings. Using the restorative material, the dentist briefly repairs fractured or cracked teeth. If a cavity has developed in the teeth, the dental procedure is advantageous. It is inexpensive and easy.


Overall, a tooth that is chipped, damaged, or cracked can cause a dental emergency. It is crucial to make an appointment with a doctor right away. When a molar is damaged, patients should not delay in calling Céline Dental. They can use this information to investigate the best dental therapy options.  The above-mentioned steps will assist you in selecting the best course of action.

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