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How Is Gingivitis Contagious?

Mar 30, 2024364 Views

The facts state that almost 50% of adult American citizens are battling some form of gingivitis! That is a staggering amount, and it is not wrong for you to think about scheduling a dental exam to get your teeth checked out. But why does it affect so many people? Is gingivitis contagious? Let’s find out. […]

Top 10 Signs Of Infection After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Mar 15, 202498 Views

Usually, wisdom teeth do not get adequate space, so they often grow impacted. Such placement of those back teeth makes it hard to clean, leading to bacterial accumulation and consequently an infection. For this, many people require surgical extraction. Usually, it is a simple procedure, but there are times when complications may occur, such as […]

How Long Does Swelling Last After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Feb 29, 2024177 Views

There is no one-size-fits-all answer if you are wondering about how long does swelling last after wisdom teeth removal. Well, recovery varies from patient to patient, and usually, many people start feeling better within the span of just 2 weeks. However, the time period may extend if you had multiple third molars extracted or if […]

Can You Eat Gum With Braces?

Feb 15, 2024163 Views

Orthodontic treatment is an excellent option that helps push your teeth into the proper position and correct their alignment. However, despite the benefits, braces and other orthodontic appliances can come with a few restrictions, especially on your diet. Many individuals prefer chewing on some gum throughout the day, but it might not be a good […]

Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Wake Up?

Jan 30, 2024225 Views

Mostly, the first thing to look forward to after getting up is that cup of coffee; however, it becomes stressful if you are greeted with a bad toothache. If this happens once in a while, then that is fine and nothing to be worried about too soon. However, if you wake up almost every day […]

Root Canal Vs. Extraction – The Better Choice

Jan 15, 2024260 Views

Dentists usually provide two solutions for infection and throbbing tooth pain – root canal or tooth extraction. Both treatment routes are equally effective; however, they have some fundamental differences. A root canal is usually recommended when there is a ray of hope to save your teeth. Extraction, on the other hand, is inevitable when the […]

Teeth Whitening Result Timeline

Dec 30, 2023301 Views

In the middle of comfort and laughter with friends or family, someone pointing out your yellow teeth is a major blow, leaving you self-conscious. But do not let the embarrassment get to you; there are many ways you can take charge of your smile and completely transform it; we give you, teeth whitening! It is […]

Chipped Or Cracked Teeth? Here’s What You Can Do

Dec 15, 2023898 Views

Having a small chip or visible cracks on a tooth, especially one or more of your front teeth, may make you feel insecure about your smile. Moreover, chipped or cracked teeth may also increase the risk of cavities or pulp infection, as the integrity of your tooth enamel is compromised. If you want to smile […]

Real Patient Stories: How Dental Crowns and Bridges Transformed Their Smiles

Apr 20, 20231507 Views

Dental crowns and bridges are popular cosmetic dental treatments that can significantly improve a patient’s smile by restoring damaged teeth, filling gaps, and improving the overall appearance of the teeth. Real patient stories serve as a testament to the transformative effects of these procedures. Many patients have reported increased confidence and self-esteem after undergoing dental […]

Dental Crown and Bridge Materials: What You Need to Know?

Apr 20, 2023123 Views

Dental crowns and bridge materials are utilized to reestablish harmed or missing teeth. Crowns are covers set over a damaged tooth to safeguard and reinforce it, while spans fill holes brought about by missing teeth. A few distinct materials are utilized in dental crowns and extensions, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Here, we will […]

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