Month: March 2024

How Is Gingivitis Contagious?

Mar 30, 2024498 Views

The facts state that almost 50% of adult American citizens are battling some form of gingivitis! That is a staggering amount, and it is not wrong for you to think about scheduling a dental exam to get your teeth checked out. But why does it affect so many people? Is gingivitis contagious? Let’s find out. […]

Top 10 Signs Of Infection After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Mar 15, 2024150 Views

Usually, wisdom teeth do not get adequate space, so they often grow impacted. Such placement of those back teeth makes it hard to clean, leading to bacterial accumulation and consequently an infection. For this, many people require surgical extraction. Usually, it is a simple procedure, but there are times when complications may occur, such as […]

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